16 & 17 February 2016


Paul Bouten attended the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials - Medical Devices Europe 2016 where he was moderator and panel discussion leader on day 1, February 16th 2016


Day 1, February 16th, 2016 


Panel Discussion: - Identifying the balance between in-house and outsourcing operations to find the right fit for your trial-


• Outlining the differences between big and small company perspective to evaluate the benefits of a variety of outsourcing models

• Investigating the growing trend of CROs offering full outsourcing services to determine the impact on manufacturers’ choice to outsource

• Discussing which operations should be outsourced to allow manufacturers to focus on their core-competencies

• Underlining the role of CRAs to examine their impact on outsourced clinical trials

• Evaluating the difference of cost when initiating trials in the US to ascertain which plan is best for your company