18 & 19 February 2014

Paul Bouten attended the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials - Medical Devices Europe 2014 where he was moderator and panel discussion leader on day 1, February 18th 2014


Day 1, February 18th, 2014


Panel Discussion: Performing pre-contract audits to ensure potential vendors will meet your trial requirements


  • Investigating skill sets and experiences of the clinical team to qualify they have the appropriate knowledge to carry out your trial

  • Encouraging meetings with external staff to evaluate their qualifications and their scientific backgrounds to clarify how much training will need to be provided

  • Analysing the quality of potential partners by utilizing referrals from the industry to assess the strength of a vendor

  • Developing targeted questionnaires to really understand the vendors’ capabilities to improve effective vendor auditing

  • Considering a potential vendor’s network of contacts as an important factor in vendor selection to determine how this can be capitalized upon

  • Evaluating the skill set and strengths of the vendor to develop a relationship with complementing capabilities

  • Determining the staff turnover at the vendor to ascertain stability of the teams who may be working on the trial