Paul Bouten attended the NVFG Lustrum-congress. 



- Verandering is de enige constante?! -

“Is de farmaceutische industrie immuun voor verandering?”


- Change is the only constant?! -

"Is the pharmaceutical industry immune to change?"

07- 09 June 2017

Paul Bouten attended the PCMG Annual Conference 2017


Thinking Global, Acting Local 
- Meeting strategic ideals with real-world outsourcing practices -

Conference Programme


Paul Bouten attended the NVFG ClinOpsDay. The event centres on the European Clinical Trial Regulation (ECTR).


Agenda en thema

De 7e editie van de NVFG ClinOpsDag staat in het teken van de European Clinical Trial Regulation (ECTR).


The 7th edition of the NVFG ClinOpsDay is dominated by the European Clinical Trial Regulation (ECTR).

06 April 2017

Paul Bouten attended the PCMG April Workshop – Contracting dilemmas –
managing risks through differing CRO/third party contracting models


09 March 2017

Paul Bouten attended the Health Valley Event.
This event centres on patient-driven innovation.


7 & 8 February 2017

Paul Bouten attended the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials - Medical Devices Europe 2017 and presented on day 2, February 8th 2017


Day 2, February 8th, 2017


Speaker hosted roundtables
Interactive roundtable session: - Comparing various methods to outsourcing and selecting Vendors